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19 We offer a large range of custom fabrication services, from Cams certified roll cages, to dashboards and door trims, contact us to see if we can create what you want.

4 Below is a video we invested in to show just what is possible, even with prestige vehicles such as the Maserati MC Stradale featured in the video. For a more in-depth look at this build in particulare, the full feature can be found here.


2013-12-06 01:13:33 CustomFabricationAtHeasmans2


2013-12-06 01:13:33 CustomFabricationAtHeasmans1


Since 1954, the word about Heasman’s expertise in wheel alignment setups has spread far and wide. If your car isn’t driving straight, or suffers from uneven tyre wear, Heasman steering helps you save money on expensive tyres by correcting your vehicle’s front-end geometry. If you are after additional adjustments to toe, caster or camber, Heasman Steering is able to give you a wheel alignment to suit your needs. Heasman Steering understands that cars aren’t the only vehicles on the road. We also cater for trucks up to 6 tonnes and maximum height of 4m and offer services for single steer mechanisms only. To ensure the safety and handling of your big rig, call (02) 9557 3739 or email to book your truck in today!

Truck Wheel Alignment

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