8 December 2014

Keep it factory!

Keep it factory! Some manufacturers offer a factory-fitted sports suspension upgrade, but it’s not always an upgrade for the better. This Aston Martin owner found it was the case, unhappy with the ‘upgraded’ ride comfort. What did he do? He contacted Heasmans, the official Australian Bilstein distributor. Many manufacturers trust the famous Bilstein brand to supply original equipment for the quality and attention to detail and performance they provide.



At Heasman Steering and Suspension, we have the Bilstein approval to not only repair but open and modify a Bilstein item and customise it to suit our needs. We have access to all the original components to rebuild your factory or aftermarket Bilstein suspension items to whichever specifications you desire.



With this specific customer’s application, we took the suspension out of the car and tested the original rate specifications on the shock dyno and reviewed the results so that we could diagnose what caused the customer’s disappointment. With this information we are able to pinpoint what needs changing to get the improvements we hope to achieve.



Once the shock was pulled apart, it was a fairly simple task for our engineers to make a new shim stack to change the shock’s characteristics and then we reassembled them so that we could test them again on our shock dyno. We were happy with the results and reinstalled the items and the owner was over the moon with the new handling of his Aston.



If you have an OEM Bilstein that doesn’t quite live up to your personal expectation in its factory-equipped form, contact us to see what we can do for you! We are also able to reconfigure and rebuild your Bilsteins so call Heasman Steering and Suspension on (02) 9557 3739 or email



Photography by SELECTNINE.

  • Rennie Khoo March 23, 2015 -

    Hi.Looking for an alternative to the stock shocks of my 2014 model Mercedes AMG A45 Edition 1 Performace suspension. Ideally it should have approx.20 to 25% less compression damping and around 20% more rebound damping as compared to stock.Please note that the shocks of the 2013 model of the same car is much softer. Might you be able to supply such shocks for OEM replacement fit with no lowering.
    Please advise.

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