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18 July 2014

Enter, Tron.

We here at Heasman Steering strive to be the best in the country at setting up cars, so when new technology arises we just have to have it! Even owner Doug Heasman, 2nd Generation of Heasman Steering and #1 at setting up alignments’, with a mere 49 years of experience is more than happy to welcome the new and continue giving our customers the very best service we possibly can.


Enter the ‘John Bean V3400…

17 May 2014 feature : Heasman Steering Aventador

Knowing there was an Aventador being pulled apart for upgrades we had to go and take a closer look. Brad from Heasman took time out to chat with us about the project and exactly what it feels like to modify an $800,000+ car.

– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos&Video: Selectnine.
To most people the Lamborghini Aventador is perfection; a package that cannot be improved on, the pinnacle of automotive audaciousness, a shameless car that is as aggressive on the ears as it is to the eyes. To a select few, it’s merely t…