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20 September 2014

HSV Owners Club Tech Night at Heasman Steering

The HSV Owners Club were in a very special treat as we opened up the doors for a technical night to show them the literal ups and downs of suspension tuning, as well as what suspension services we can provide for them at Heasmans.


With a race-prepped HSV amongst the various pieces of eye candy on display in the workshop, over the course of the evening we showed the various elements of suspension tuning. The aim was to sho…

15 August 2014

Factory, made better.

Selfie Maserati MC Stradale – Factory, made better.
In a modern day where ‘off the showroom floor’ just doesn’t cut it anymore, we have begun to steer their new and regular customers into functional enhancements which can be tailored to an individual whilst keeping the factory value of a new car high, and more so in this case a brand new Maserati Grand Trismo MC Stradale.

After huge new car cost, luxury car tax and a goo…

17 May 2014 feature : Heasman Steering Aventador

Knowing there was an Aventador being pulled apart for upgrades we had to go and take a closer look. Brad from Heasman took time out to chat with us about the project and exactly what it feels like to modify an $800,000+ car.

– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos&Video: Selectnine.
To most people the Lamborghini Aventador is perfection; a package that cannot be improved on, the pinnacle of automotive audaciousness, a shameless car that is as aggressive on the ears as it is to the eyes. To a select few, it’s merely t…

27 April 2014

Heasman Steering & Co. at T-LD Wakefield Park Track Day

And that’s a wrap..
Was a day with mixed emotions to say the least. It was very unfortunate that our Heasman Steering  Silvia suffered a bonnet malfunction and we were forced to retire early in the day.
Never the less, everyone was there and the show must go on, so Brad took the company car, a VF Clubsport out on track and had a ball with the guys from Sydney Prestige Autobody and ASTRA Limousines.
Consider this feature and video a brief …

12 December 2013 feature : Heasman Steering R35 GT-R

– Words: Ryan Lewis. Photos: MJ Digital.
If you lined up the crème de la crème of Japanese performance cars past and present, the R35 would come out on top in every test. It’s the most supreme example of Nissan’s engineering prowess, and the flag bearer for Japan at the elite end of supercar territory. It’s as close to perfection as we’ve seen from any Japanese automaker. So how do you improve on perfection? That’s the battle that…