17 April 2015

Bilstein Custom Modular Damping Suspension Build on SLC Superlite.

If you’ve visited us in person or on Facebook recently, you might have seen this brilliant red kit car being worked on by the boys. In this first of a two videos on the SLC Superlite project, watch as Brad Heasman explains how Heasman Steering and Suspension can customise suspension not only to suit your car, but also to suit your car’s purpose.

In this video, you will learn how Heasmans are able to take a car as unique and rarely-seen as this Superlite kit car build, and take it to the next level with custom modular dampening suspension. Built with expert feedback from engineers and race drivers, see how we can start by measuring the geometries of your car and build components to suit.


Videography by SELECTNINE.


  • John mignone April 28, 2015 -

    I have built an SLC and it is an absolutely mind boggling car to drive through the Adelaide hills. I am in the process of replacing the springs in the front with shorter ones so that I can get a suitable lowering and improve the downforce there. My shocks are QA1 supplied from the factory and I assume they are the same as the ones you replaced with the ones you made as per video . The diagnosis of no variability in compression is interesting and something I could not have discovered myself. Out of curiosity what is the spring load rate you have on the front?
    Also how much for a pair of shocks like the ones on you red SLC?
    PS these cars are in a completely new league above all other Kit cars in therms of original design, engineering and there are no donor bits off mass production cars. Labelling them as ‘Kit Cars’ does them an injustice.
    Hope to hear from you soon

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