Blog - October 2015

26 October 2015

Aggressive Street Evolution.

The Mitsubishi Evolution is a popular choice amongst car enthusiasts. Although a very capable car from factory, it has a huge amount of potential in both performance and handling. We had this Evo VIII come in completely stock seeking a few additional bits and pieces to further improve an already great platform.


Starting with probably the most noticeable item, new blue shoes. These Rays wheels were originally grey and we paint…

12 October 2015

Custom Lowering the Lamborghini Huracan.

If you’re passionate about your cars, we can pretty much guarantee that given the chance to modify one, the ride height will be adjusted. While a lot of the time this process is straight forward. Some can require an approach that’s a little more involved. Currently at it’s factory ride height, this Lamborghini came in to destined to leave again once it was a little bit closer to the ground. The factory ride height was measured and the custome…